Live from Hollywood!  It’s Christmas Eve and Judy Garland has invited a star-studded list of celebrities to ring in the holidays – Ethel Merman, Bing Crosby, Liberace, Joan Crawford – and more!  But Judy’s outrageous comeback special enters a twilight zone when a mysterious stranger crashes the party – taking one and all on a dark journey beyond Hollywood legends and legacies. Judy saves the holiday with a dazzling finale worthy of the Season.


Judy Garland is primed for her biggest comeback ever - the dazzling star of her own TV special, broadcast live on Christmas Eve, 1959.  Judy’s guests include Bing Crosby (making some holiday “grog”), Ethel Merman (plugging her Hawaiian album), and Liberace (with a handsome sailor in tow).  Mysterious snafus happen behind the scenes and cameo appearances by commie-baiting Vice President Richard Nixon (who performs a magic act) and blacklisted writer, Lillian Hellman, (who’s forced to read “Children’s Letters to Santa” with a puppet) throw Judy’s program off course.  The evening takes a detour into the twilight zone when an unexpected – and otherworldly – guest preempts the arrival of Joan Crawford.  The celebrities are forced to confront the truth behind their legends and, before her final curtain falls, Judy meets a special fan who ultimately proves that her shining legacy still endures.

a holiday special


book by

David Church and Jim Webber

music and lyrics by

Joe Patrick Ward